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FEM Racking and Shelving

Welcome to  the FEM Racking and Shelving (R&S) Product Group, (formerly known as the European Racking Federation) that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the Racking and Shleving Industry by:

  • Establishing a source of information for manufacturers, distributors, test houses, control organisations, users, teaching bodies and government authorities
  • Facilitating European discussion about technical, commercial and economic storage equipment and methods issues
  • Facilitating European collaboration
    • definition and classification of equipment
    • terminology
    • production of standards
    • safety and quality
    • market data
    • ­research and development
  • Publishing a range of studies and documents promoting safer utilisation of storage equipment
  • Promoting any other activity of value to manufacturers and users

Our Mission Statement

The FEM R&S of national manufacturers Associations has the aim of influencing all manufacturers and the market worldwide towards common, cost effective, safe technical standards.


Please note that for an Association to become a member of this FEM Product Group, they must also be a member of FEM, within the eligibility criteria of FEM (see website Subscription fees are payable to both FEM and FEM R&S on an annual basis.

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FEM Racking and Shelving

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