Some of our older FEM codes, and indeed some National Codes, have been in use for many years, providing effective guidance on the design and use of storage equipment and continue to be available as voluntary standards in the marketplace.   However, the subject matter within these FEM Codes has now been covered in a more up to date form in other more recent CEN Standards.

The codes continue to be available for the time being as perfectly good documents, particularly for those who need to know the history of code developments or alternatively need to understand how matters were considered historically on old structures 

Relevant current EN standards, available from National Standards Bodies, are:

EN 15095:    Power operated mobile racking and shelving, carousels and storage lifts – safety Equipment

EN 15512:    Steel static storage systems – adjustable pallet racking systems – principles for structural design

EN 15620:    Steel static storage systems – adjustable pallet racking systems – tolerances
                  deformations and clearances

EN 15629:    Steel static storage systems – specification of storage equpment equipment

EN 15635:    Steel static storage systems – application and maintenance of storage equipment

EN 15878:    Steel static storage systems – adjustable pallet racking systems – terms and definition

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